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Jes Reaves



About Me

Jes started out pursuing a career in Computer Animation (or "acting behind a camera" as she lovingly referred to it), but once she spent a day on set she quickly realized that that was where she wanted to be.  She started out her life living on sets working as a costumer, since she had been sewing since she was 9 and worked for years as an assistant to several costume designers.

After years of doing costume work and filling out background needs on productions her friends were doing, she produced and starred in the short film 'Fight or Flight', a domestic violence awareness short with a superhero twist.  After that she was truly hooked on a feeling.

Currently, Jes is working on writing more short films, continuing her training to grow her talent, and learning as many new skills as time will allow in order to become a badass with a Swiss Army knife number of skills.  

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